$ 150.00
  1. Small - 12" X 12"
  2. Medium - 24" X 24"  SHOWN here False Kamani Wood
  3. Large - 36"' X 36"'
  4. Custom - This mirror may be made to order in almost any size and wood. Please note, if you choose CUSTOM, you will place the order here, but you will not be charged until after we have talked about the specific details of the order with you.

My  "Kalo" mirror is inspired by the importance of the Kalo Plant in Hawaii and by my desire to sculpt the perfect single wave.  Kalo has been a staple food crop for the Polynesians for over 1,500 years.  Taro is still a sacred and highly respected food crop.  

This mirror can be hung two ways  - with the wave at the bottom.  You choose the orientation - therefore the meaning. Please indicate in the purchase comments.


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