$ 120.00
  • Small - 1.5' X 3' 
  • Medium - 2.5' X 4' SHOWN False Kamani (pictured here) 
  • Large - 3.5' X 5' 
  • Custom - This set may be made to order in almost any size and wood. Please note, if you choose CUSTOM, you will place the order here, but you will not be charged until after we have talked about the specific details of the order with you.

"Love" Mirror

"There is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in" Leonard Kohen

My "Love" mirrors are cut out of the heartwood of the other larger mirrors I make.  I do not like to waste beautiful wood, so I began to shape the leftover wood into hearts and heart mirrors.  The parts of wood I think are keepers are the cracks, holes, burls, & frayed edges, they have the most character and beauty.  Each "Love" mirror features one of these imperfect elements, and just like each of us, those imperfect parts are what we are drawn to.

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