Nadia Fairlamb

Nadia is an artist who sculpts with local tropical hardwoods and mirror glass. She is a self-trained woodworker who aims to use a jigsaw and hand tools to create her pieces the same way a master artist uses a paintbrush or pencil.

     Nadia earned a BFA in Sculptural Ceramics from Stephen F. Austin State University in   Texas, minoring in Botany and Archeology. While in college she worked as a technical   illustrator of archeological artifacts in North and Central America. Several years later, she turned her skills to a bakery, sculpting out of dough and learning the essential skills of being an entrepreneur. Other interests you might see reflected in her work are influenced by many years of dance, yoga, and meditation.

Growing up in Europe and Australia, she was influenced by the symbols and   imagery she saw repeated in cultures all over the planet. When she moved to Hawaii in 2008 began woodworking after a friend loaned her woodworking tools. She chose to include mirrors because she wants her art to be both practical and decorative.

     Over the millennia, mirrors have been both mystical transformational tools and surfaces to reflect the viewer. No matter the purpose, a mirror will reflect only the present moment. 


Nadia is honored to be a 2017 recipient of the Clark Hulings Fund Business Accelerator program.